Kelsey Wielhouwer ~ John

John was born and raised in East Bridgewater, and is now 98 years old. John’s wife, Margaret, passed away on December 31, 2019. What a way to ring in 2020. Amidst a nursing home transition at LifeCare and an unbeknownst pandemic to hit our lives, our grandfather had a difficult time transitioning into his new “pad” as he calls it. We did not know what to expect. Would he die from a broken heart? Would he catch Covid? Would we ever be able to hug him again? The possibilities were endless. However, we never expected John to find love again. He has found a new beloved friend at LifeCare, who has given him hope, love, life, and purpose. A hand to hold, a smile to share, and a reason to keep on living. He sometimes refers to her as his “wife”, which we find so sweet. LifeCare has been a blessing to my family and especially my grandfather. We never expected him to be so happy and full of life. He has a wonderful, caring, supportive staff that we cannot thank enough for all of their loyalty and hard work during such a trying year. Our grandfather and father will never realize just how much of a positive impact he has had on our entire family. He gives us strength, he gives us courage, and he gives us hope to know that even after loss amidst a pandemic, you can find love and light.