Charities and civic organizations post for free in their hometown e-newsletter.

We support & promote you within the community that you call home.
Share your good news!
Free postings include:
  • Your special images & stories
  • One or two weeks before your event or registration deadline
  • Size of post depends on space available. All content is subject to editorial modification.
Send your press releases. Include Who?  What?  Where? When? and How do people get involved?

Send to these hive specific addresses:

If you want to reach beyond your community or need a big, colorful splash:

Regional events can be promoted: Weekender Buzz-a-Gram or with an advertisement

Editorial policies: We would LOVE to promote all do-gooders for free! After all – that’s our mission, to spread good news! Unfortunately, financially, we need to limit. Here are the editorial priorities:

1) News physically located in each individual hive. 2) News involving residents or business owners from each hive. 3) Resources nearby that would be helpful to our readers. 4) Cultural events nearby.

Often we receive requests from area non-profits who have members in many of our hives. We can publish about your organization if your members from inside a specific hive would like to invite their neighbors to join them. Please include their names and if you can, an image.

We hope this helps clarify, and thank you for your good works!
~ Jacquie

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