It began with building bridges through communication ~ In early 2008, Sharon Graves, volunteer for the Friends of the Library and Meals on Wheels; Theresa McNulty, East Bridgewater, MA Selectwoman and special education advocate; and Jacquelyn Rose, writer and E. B. Recreation Commission Secretary found themselves discussing town issues.

As a response to this discussion, Sharon, Theresa & Jacquie hosted a series of focus groups where citizens could voice opinions, concerns, and suggestions about our community.  Out of their desire to deliver  the information gained from these forums , our email newsletter was created.

Buzz Around East Bridgewater launched August 2009 to 100 subscribers.  It quickly became a way for volunteers & groups  to reach out to  our community. Readers depended on the  weekly calendar & information. It was only months before local businesses were asking to advertise, and our marketing team to support small business was born.

With the help of writing and  marketing interns the Buzz Around has become a solid template for building community communication and pride; encouraging grassroots democracy and civic engagement and the informal social safety net; increasing the quality of life in our communities.

Huge gratitude goes to the many who have supported Jacquelyn’s Buzz Around vision ~  from early launch with Theresa & Sharon;  to the partners that gave us our first lift;  to the team that came together while Jacquie completed her Masters Degree in Interfaith Leadership; and now the Board Members, Shareholders and Interns; the Buzz Around has always been a group effort with Jacquie at the helm.

As we look toward the future to share this concept and build hives in many communities, we look back and thank the folks who have dedicated time and energy sharing positive information. We all need good news.