Thank you for your interest in our Journalism Internship. Our Journalism Internship is highly sought after. Our intern writers are detail orientated and inquisitive as well as clear and concise communicators. After filling out this form, we will email you with the next step in our interview process.

Writing Internship Pre-Qualification Form

BuzzAround 120 hour remote writing internship is an opportunity for budding writers to gain experience in journalism. We focus on the what, where, when and engage our readers in how to get involved with their communities.

Internship Time Frame(Required)
Choose the time frame(s) that fit best into your schedule. Our internships are 120 hours, most students participate with 10 hours/ week. If you would like a different schedule,(ie more weekly hours, shorter time frame) pick the three months block closest to your desired work time.
Will you be in the United States, Eastern or Central Time Zones for the duration of your internship?(Required)
We can only accept interns within those two time zones. If you travel during your internship, time off can be arranged.

Following our format to help our readers participate in their community is an important function of this position. Put the details below in the following order: Event; date; time; address; how to get involved ( where to find more information)(Required)
Add as many lines as you need to list the following information in correct order: 10am- 2 pm; Town Green, 175 Central St, EB; Annual Garden Club Plant Sale; EB Garden Club FB (link); Saturday May 6.
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