Whitman Town Park Monument, 1908

“Located in Whitman Town Park on Park Avenue. The park itself was designed by famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. The monument was dedicated on October 10, 1908. Originally, the monument was to be entirely granite with the customary soldier depicted at parade rest. The monument committee changed their minds and greatly enhanced the memorial by opting for a bronze statue in a unique skirmish line stance. Built by Long & Sanders of Quincy, the cost was $5,000.

Clarence Merton Keevey, commander of Whitman’s George A. Custer Camp No. 11, Sons of Union Veterans, was the driving spirit behind the fundraising effort. He was the son of Peter Keevey, an Irish immigrant who settled in Plympton, served in the 31st Massachusetts Infantry and became a prominent sawmill owner and businessman.

During the dedication, the monument was unveiled by beloved veteran Hiram Poole aged 85 and an active participant in civic events throughout the region. Marching as a member of the GAR, Poole was known to set the pace for the younger Sons of Union Veterans who were often winded in trying to keep up with him.”

~Information and photo from: Civil War Monuments of Old Abington and Bridgewater by Patrick Browne