What’s Good Near You

6 active hives:   Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Halifax, Raynham, West Bridgewater & Whitman

Weekender newsletter publishes to 17 area communities.

Hives-to-bee:  Abington,  Brockton, Carver,  Easton, Hanson,  Kingston, Lakeville, Middleboro, Plymouth, Plympton, & Taunton

To send news, pictures or events to be posted in the individual Buzz Around town newsletters, please email us at:
bwater@buzzaround.info – Bridgewater, MA

eb@buzzaround.info – East Bridgewater, MA
wb@buzzaround.info –  West Bridgewater, MA
halifax@buzzaround.info – Halifax, MA
rayn@buzzaround.info – Raynham, MA

whit@buzzaround.info – Whitman, MA

Regional events can be promoted – reaching our 17 surrounding towns: Weekender Posting info