Two Green Thumbs Up


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Pam & Jack Turner of Bridgewater attend their 1st BGC plant sale

The Bridgewater Garden Club’s annual spring plant sale was held on Saturday May 13th at the Bridgewater Senior Center.  They had a wonderful selection of plants with every gardener in mind.

There were bright and colorful annuals for those who want continuous blooms all season long. Some opted for a beautiful hanging basket overflowing with flowers, a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Sun and shade perennials were in abundance. Hardy plants that return year after year providing seasonal color that shape your yards landscape.


There were also variety of herbs and vegetables inviting the novice to start their own vegetable garden and experience first-hand the joy of growing their own food. The selection of tomato plants caught the attention of those with a green thumb. From heirlooms to hybrids to hearty beefsteak tomatoes, the Bridgewater Garden Club knows what their community wants and they never disappoint.


garden club, b,bridgewater, garden, plants
Ann Wood, Membership Chairman – Donna Albro, President/Day Program – Linda McNeilly, Vice President/Eve. Program – Carol Cleary, Chairman/Day Program


There is a certain level of satisfaction and accomplishment knowing that the food on your dinner table was grown with your own two hands. So enjoy the great outdoors, get your hands dirty and embrace the challenge.


Whether it’s a community garden, a plot in the back yard or containers on the porch, anyone can grow plants with a little help.


Join the Bridgewater Garden Club or attend a day or evening meeting. Learn from the experts and create the garden you’ve been dreaming of.



~ Story & photo credit:  Jill Silvia