Car Maintenance For Your Health


Keep all systems running well…


Higher quality foods will fuel your cells more effectively.

Fresh fruit & vegetables are high octane.

Preservatives, fillers, and non-food additives clog up the system.


Muscles and bones need proper care or you will start to shimmy and shake. 

Stretch daily. 

Exercise & chiropractic adjustments keep your frame straight and wheels aligned.

Electric System:

Once in a while the fuses will go, or a headlight burns out. 

Keep tabs on your spiritual and emotional health. 

Replace your lightbulb by spending time to find what lights your way. 

Once you get your headlights back on, keep them on for safety!

Make time for maintenance:

If you don’t perform proper maintenance, your car will fall apart, more often than not right in the middle of a busy street! Same with your body.

Take care of yourself, it’s your most important job  : )

~ Jacquie