Theresa Capachione: 12 Things She Has Learned Through her Battle with Cancer

Theresa Capachione has spent a grueling 10 months battling cancer. In order to keep her family and friends updated, she posted regularly on her Facebook page, showing all of us faith and courage as she faced the horrifying reality of chemotherapy and radiation.
Her journey has been an inspiration to many,

On August 19th, she posted:  “Today marks the end of a grueling 10 months.  To say I am grateful for all I have been blessed with is an understatement.  No matter how horrific things might have gotten, no matter how sick I was or how dark a day may have seemed, I had my faith, my family and my friends.
THANK YOU for the outpouring of support.  THANK YOU for laughing and crying with me. THANK YOU for praying for me.  THANK YOU for believing in me and revealing to me the multitude of blessings in my life.
Please celebrate with me as today marks the end of my treatment and the beginning of a new life. With God on my shoulder and the positive energy of hundreds of people, I CONQUERED CANCER!  All glory and honor to God and may He bless each and every one of you.”

Here are the 12 things she learned:

“The question keeps playing in my mind, ‘What have I learned from my journey with cancer?’
I realized the answer is actually quite simple:

1.Trust God always…no matter what!
2. Recognize your blessings and be grateful.
3. Listen.
4. It’s ok to accept help.
5. You’re never too old to be your mother’s baby.
6. Life will bite….bite back!
7. Smile…a lot.
8. Be kind and compassionate.
9. Never, EVER, let fear rule.
10. Rest when you’re tired.
11. Make your day count!
12. Let yourself have fun.

I could go on and on but bottom line is, life is precious; treat it as such and when it gets difficult, dig in and adapt!