The Blacksmith Co-op and the J.B. Baker Halifax Blacksmith Shop, South St Halifax

This is one of the last truly original blacksmith shops left.  It belonged to J.B. Baker and was started in 1875.  All his original farrier and blacksmith tools are there, including a brick forge.*  (Most blacksmiths abandoned brick for the steel tray forges that came out in the 1900’s.)

The blacksmith was the center of the working farm world at this time.  Horses were cared for by the smith; he did farrier work, built wagon wheels and repaired wagons of that day.  In the shop are hundreds of horse shoes, several wagons, and his tools as simple as they were.  It was a time when America built itself from the knowledge and tools from other countries.  It is truly an authentic display of a fundamental early craft…a treasure to be enjoyed and taken care of.

Enter the Blacksmith Co-op, a non-profit organization, led by the boundless energy of Mark Young, whose goal is to preserve our treasure and encourage use and knowledge of the tools and enjoy the art of blacksmithing.  Mr Young recently celebrated 50 years in metal work at the Bridgewater Library last February of 2015.

Donations received go to the Town for repair and maintenance of this building and and our school house next door.

Welding Safety Equiptment with Mark Young
Welding Safety with Mark Young
Classes for beginners and artists who want to learn basic skills, acquire hands-on knowledge.  To sign up or find out the schedule, contact Mr. Young throughBlackSmith Co-op Facebook Page or stop by the shop any Saturday.
Donation checks for the upkeep of our historical treasures can be mailed to Halifax Historical Society, PO Box 1734, Halifax, MA 02338