Buzz Around products are:

Advertising, Weekender & Celebrations of Life postings, Facebook Postings & Website Design

Advertising includes created ads of varing sizes and colors for use on our e-newsletters and websites.

Weekender postings and posts in that e-newsletter.

Celebrations of Life are Obituary notices of varying lengths.

Facebook postings and editing include but are not limited to content creation, image posting, sharing and assistance with design and communication as related to a business Facebook Page.

Website design includes but is not limited to changing layout, images, and content on your website. All changes are made in conversation with you, the owner.

 Payment terms : unless otherwise noted on an individual contract, all services are paid in advance.

All advertising is guaranteed to cost .12 / each view for Featured Five Ads and .06 / each view for Logo & Link Ads. Constand contact provides analytics for how many subscribers open an email. Buzz Around defines each of these  unique opens as a view. ( Unique open = the first time a reader opens the email, each successive times are not counted)

Each e- newsletter is limited to 5 Featured Five and 10 Logo & Link Ads. Provided there is space and the ad qualifies ( family friendly  and  a local small business  )and ads are submitted by 5 pm on Wednesday previous to publication, an advertiser can expect to be published. 

Refund and Cancellation Policy

We do not give a refund for services rendered. If our ad view guarantee is not met or our customer is unsatisfied with product or service they have paid for, we  will provide additional advertisements, facebook postings or website design work, to the customers satisfaction within reason.  • In the spirit of total cooperation, if either party wants to end the relationship at any time, either is welcome to do so with a verbal statement, 2 days notice is requested, but not required