Talented East Bridgewater Musicians: The Quins

We’ve always known East Bridgewater nurtures talented musicians, but once in a while our kids really surprise us.  So here’s a gift, East Bridgewater, a great surprise!
The Quins (all EB students):  James “Quincy” Medaglia – Lead Guitar/Vox, ’07; Jon LeCours – Bass/Vox, ’09; Tyler McKean – Drums/Vox, ’09; Rob Sturtevant – Rhythm Guitar/Vox, ’12, making their way by hard work, real talent, and a soulful blues sound that tears us inside out while we are dancing across the floor.  Not many bands get paid for playing original songs, it’s a plateau many aspire to.  After 2 ½ years of working and performing, getting their creative sound in front of audiences, these boys are working on their second album and are becoming widely known in the Boston club scene.
Some of their highlights?  Bars:  Johnnie D’s in Somerville, Middle East in Cambridge; Festivals: Freedom Rally on Boston Common, Brookline Day at Lars Anderson Park.
Since Quincy says, “It’s hard to let the creative juices flow when you’re practicing for gigs,” The Quins are in hibernation as they tape their new work.  Their second album will be released in 2016.  Meanwhile, here are some tracks to give us back home in EB a taste: