Spring Clean Your Body – Detoxifying Foods, Supplements & Activities

Spring has sprung! And, you’re probably making a list of all the spring cleaning projects you plan to do around the house, such as decluttering the spare room, thoroughly washing the floors, and running curtains through the washing machine.

Did you remember to add your health to the list?

Spring clean your body by purifying yourself of unhealthy microbes and substances using nutritional cleansing.

Here are a few tips to naturally spring clean your body.

Include these key detoxifying foods
Foods aren’t just delicious and nutritious—some can even provide a detoxifying effect for your body.

Heading to the grocery store? Here’s a list of some of our favorite detoxifying foods

Dandelion Root
Green Tea
Preferably use only organic foods to avoid adding even more toxins to your body. Try incorporating these foods into your everyday recipes and drinks. Spring is prime time for detoxification, but ideally consuming these foods year-long will help to keep the toxins moving out.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
As the saying goes, the solution to pollution is dilution. Drink plenty of purified water to keep the toxins flowing from your body. Also, try herbal teas specifically designed for detoxifying as well as green juices and smoothies. And, don’t forget other forms of hydration too! Epsom salt baths (yes, please!) and nasal rinses can be used to hydrate.

Take targeted nutritional supplements
Nutritional supplements can provide a powerful way to help remove microbes and toxins from your body.*

Plexus Bio Cleanse™, contains supportive ingredients such as vitamin C, magnesium, and bioflavonoid complex. It helps to remove harmful microbes and substances from your body as it gently detoxifies.*

Based on your health practitioner’s guidance and recommendations, include other supplements as needed.


For more information, contact your local Plexus representative:  Regina Egan 508-840-8478  https://www.facebook.com/rppp2018/