BuzzAround, Inc is a privately held corporation, guided by a board that meets monthly to steer decision making.  We are a team working for the mutual benefit of the communities we serve, local nonprofits and small businesses; coworkers and our partners; with the goal of enhancing communication, cooperation, and a sustainable society that values human dignity.

3 bottom lines: People, Planet & Profits

• People: We show respect and integrity in our actions and  language with readers, employees, businesses and all we connect with.  In essence, treat others as we would like to be treated.

• Planet: We seek wisdom and make decisions with an understanding of  their effect on the earth and its inhabitants. All business decisions are made with environmental sustainability  & a pluralistic society in mind.

2024 People * Planet * Profits Report

• Profits: We work with local small businesses to develop individualized interactive marketing plans. By providing creative advertising, promotion and guidance to reach our communities and build new relationships; we support these businesses in strengthening themselves and our communities.

Board of Directors
  • Jacquelyn Rose, President
  • Theresa McNulty, Treasurer
  • Dawn Currier, Secretary
  • Jamie Puhi and Marcy Venezia, Members 

If you are interested in serving on our Board to lend your voice and gifts, please send a letter of interest to Jacquelyn Rose.

Privacy Policy

We collect email addresses for the sole purpose of publishing our Buzz Around email newsletters and information critical to the Buzz Around’s stated purposes, including but not limited to occasional emails regarding Buzz Around specific programs and events. We hold our subscribers in sacred relationship and do not sell or otherwise distribute subscriber emails, they are kept securely in Constant Contact and in WordPress Website Platform.

In the event that a hive member participates in a BuzzAround contest, contact information maybe shared with participating advertising / contest partners.

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