School District No. 5

  “Taught, summer and winter, by Miss Hattie F. Perkins, of the town, a graduate of the Normal School at Bridgewater. She manifested a want of energy, which, perhaps, was owing to poor health; and hence did not infuse into her school the interest and life necessary to the highest success. The school was a difficult one, evidently not having been properly trained by previous teachers. At first it was very disorderly and noisy; but a constant, gradual improvement in conduct was noticed. Some of the scholars were respectful, obedient, kind, and studious; a few were indolent, but more were roguish. Many of them spoke so low and indistinct as to be heard with great difficulty, when heard at all. In this we could detect no improvement. In other respects, we think something was accomplished.”
From: Annual Reports of West Bridgewater for the year ending March 1, 1860