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Mike: “I am a certified personal trainer with over 12 years’ experience. I currently own, manage and train at a Fitness Together franchise in Newton Centre. I became incorporated 4 years ago under Ruggiero Fitness Concepts, Inc., and run my personal gym out of my home in West Bridgewater. I have a true passion for health and fitness stemming from my hockey background and all the diet, nutrition and gym hours that came with it. My personal training career has blossomed based on my ability to build rapport with clients, sustain commitment and create results. My philosophy is strength based. I believe you must have a strong foundation, and from there a variety of goals can be reached. I have trained athletes, weight loss, strength and muscle gain, pre/post injury, health/medical prescribed, and just the overall fit lifestyle client.”
Arielle: “I am a registered nurse as well as a health & fitness coach. I am a mom to 3 little boys. After having the 3 kids in 16 months, yes… you read that correctly. Saying I was out of shape is an understatement. I was skinny, weak and tired. I knew something had to change and quick, because let’s face it, there was never going to be the perfect time. I started to make the time and slowly eased myself back into the fitness scene by doing at-home workouts and drinking my daily dense nutrition shake. Slowly I started making healthier choices, which turned into healthy habits. My objective is not to say ‘I did it, why can’t you?!’ This has been done and personally, it’s not my style. My goal is to help others fit fitness into their busy and hectic lives to help them achieve their goals and in turn become happier, well-rounded people. You know the saying ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life!’ “
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