Rotary Club’s East Bridgewater Citizen of the Year: Rose-Marie Culp

“In East Bridgewater there is a lively, lovely shop with the unlikely name of the Happy Frog Copy Shop.  It’s an eclectic blend of print services and gift shop, the work of a community-minded entrepreneur, Rose-Marie Culp.  Born in East Bridgewater to parents who met in the Peace Corps, Rose-Marie grew up in this small town.  Her father, Vincent Latlippe, was a carpenter and painter; her mother, Elena Latlipe, who is from Chile, worked at Brockton Hospital.  They live in East Bridgewater too, right next to Rose-Marie and her nuclear family.  Entrepreneurism and service runs in the family.  As a child, she spent a lot of time in her grandparents’ gift shop, the Four Seasons, in East Bridgewater and volunteered at Mainspring House for the homeless.  These experiences were fundamental to her philosophy of life.” As printed in Rose Marie’s biography for the 17th Annual Citizen of the Year Awards from Rotary Club of the Bridgewaters. Rose was honored by Grand Sponsor, Bridgewater Savings Bank, a testimonial from Teresa Capachione, and the Rotary Club.

The biography continued: “She met her husband, Stephen Culp, at what was then Bridgewater State College. Both were fine arts students and met at an art class there.  She earned her degree in 1993.  She and Steve have been together 25 years, married for 18, and have three daughters, Willow, age 16, Piper, age 12 and Ayla, age 10.  Continuing the tradition of the value of helping others, she has cooked the Christmas dinner at her church, the United Methodist church in East Bridgewater, for the last three years.
Rotary Citizen of the Year Presentation, Courtesy of WBTV
Rotary Citizen of the Year Presentation, Courtesy of WBTV

Small business is an important part of town life, and Rose-Marie is a leader.  She has been a member of the East Bridgewater Business Association for 12 years. She has been on the board of that organization for ten years, including the past four as President.  For the past four years she has chaired and shaped the East Bridgewater Business Association Expo & Family Fun Day.  She wanted the event to reflect the appreciation businesses feels for the town.  The fun, festive event is free and attracted 1,500 people this year.  For Rose-Marie the best part of the day-long event is the Apple-pie contest, which this year included youngsters. The highlight for her was when a child with autism won first prize.  ‘This was HUGE for him!’ she declares, and indeed moments like this continue to bring home to her the value of service to others.  Busy entrepreneur, mother to three young children, and deeply involved in the community.”

The Rotary Club of the Bridgewaters is very much pleased to recognize Rose-Marie Culp as the 2016 Citizen of the Year for East Bridgewater.