River Walk 2017

River Walk 2017

The West Bridgewater Open Space Committee held their 2017 River Walk on Sunday, June 4, in a celebration of the nature, history, and beauty the West Bridgewater War Memorial Park has to offer, along with the other fascinating places we have in our community along River Street.

Starting at 8 in the morning, River St. in WB was closed to traffic, allowing residents of WB and surrounding towns of all ages to enjoy the beauties offered on this historic street. The event was car free and allowed families to observe, explore, and enjoy two miles of beauty offered in their community.

At 9 am a fun run was started, consisting of a number of residents of all different ages, enjoying the gorgeous day we had. Then at 10 a, following the race, the West Bridgewater Howard School Choir gave an amazing performance, led by the West Bridgewater K – 6th grade music teacher Mike Corriea.

With moods being uplifted by live music and the sky being bright, the day proved to be great for families. Participants and vendors of the event had nothing but smiles on their faces.

~Story and photo credit:  Brodi Nolan