Raynham’s Early Economy ~ Shipbuilding

Ship building was part of Raynham’s early economy.

Ridges were cut into the banks of the Taunton River for cradles for the boats. The ridges of the banks were used as staging and as a means to shore up, or brace the ships.
The timbers were floated across the Taunton River to the approximate site of the staging areas and then dragged up
the banks to the ships by the oxen.

The small schooners that were built this way weren’t completely finished in Raynham.

In the spring, when the water is usually the highest, they were sailed down river to Berkley or Fall River for the final fittings.

The property where the shipbuilding took place was owned by the Reverend Silas Hall and other members of the Hall family.

Info from Raynham Town Website

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons