Advertising Rates

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Your business featured prominently with a designer background color & pictures. 735-pixel x 250-pixel spaced ad with graphic / photo (s) & maximum 4 links. Your advertisement, your way. (3 weeks run-in newsletters min) We guarantee your price will be 10 cents / each ad view.


Our simple & effective way to help you reach new customers. Each ad can be designed by us, including 1 picture or logo of your choice, up to 35 words of information & 2 links. Or you can provide a 270 x 300-pixel image, and we will insert your 2 links below it and image. Background is yellow. (5-week run, minimum) We guarantee your price will be 5 cents / each ad view, or we will run your ad until it is! January 2020: 6 active hives publishing Sunday mornings. Bridgewater, 2940; East Bridgewater, 2160; Halifax, 1030; Raynham 1755 & West Bridgewater 1560; Whitman 1260 Weekender Classifieds, published Thursday evening over 10,000. Reaching our 17 town area: above towns, plus: Abington (105), Brockton (1051), Carver (65), Easton (140), Hanson (125), Kingston (85), Lakeville (125), Middleboro (155), Plymouth (75), Plympton (80) & Taunton (85)

Advertisements are spread throughout the newsletter & rotated weekly. Send ad information by Wednesday, 5 pm to be in the following Sunday publication: