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* Educating on wellness concepts
* Promoting wellness providers
* Having fun in our communities easy -to-use online directory of local wellness providers. Readers can search by category or by a search word. Categories cover wide variety of mind, body & spirit providers.
To promote: The BuzzAround will arrange booth visits to busy local locations with wellness quiz cards and an interactive prize wheel. Our Wellness Wisdom booth will connect and educate; giving visitors fun take-aways. will be promoted each week in our BuzzAround Weekender Newsletter… including wellness articles provided by our providers and announcements of where our Wellness Wisdom Booth can be found.

Participating providers will receive:
*3 Searchable Categories:  Listing & Link on
(additional categories can be added.)
*Invitation to set up with us 1x year (to promote your goods & services)
*Invitation to provide prizes on our prize wheel ~ introducing new customers to you all year -long!
$100 for a year includes 4 weeks of a Logo & Link Advertisement in a Buzz Around town near you. ( $80 value)