Polar Plunge 2020

If I’m going to jump in freezing cold water… I at least need a parade of bagpipes….

https://vimeo.com/382444700We called it Baptism-By-Ice because there was something deeply spiritual about this event. New Years, immersion, overcoming fear, communal support to achieve the goal… as wacky a goal as it may be… we are born anew. The Union Congregational Church roof needs fixing…house and home to EB Food Pantry, Sew Much Love, BSA Scout Troop 29, Bell Choir and an active church family, we have started this fund for a job that will cost us over $20,000. Please contribute what you can:gofundme.com/baptism-by-ice

Happy New Year.

As fundraisers go, this was pretty challenging, mentally & physically.

But I loved it. I loved it because my son Stephen Kelley and Sam Rando joined me without a moment’s hesitation. Young adults I have known since “foreva,” Steve & Sam feel a sense of belonging to Union Congregational and were happy to jump in freezing water to bring attention to needed roof repair.
I loved it because there was something beautifully spiritual about purifying in icy water to mark the New Year. There were plenty of souls on that beach who felt the same way…from commemorating 20 years sober to overcoming cancer, they were there, and everyone had a story.

I loved it because it was wacky enough to talk about easily, and let’s face it… I love wacky.

The 40 degree, sunny day made it bearable, but the weeks and days prior were brutal: 19 degrees, I thought, “it could be like this”.. frozen rain, I thought, “it could be like this.”

But this is what love looks like, sometimes it’s messy, sometimes it’s painful, but even when it’s cold, you’re not alone, that’s when you know it’s real. ~ Jacquie Rose

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