Peace Flag Project comes to Bridgewater

Bridgewater State University held an event for the Peace Flag Project on October 27th.

Students and members of our own Bridgewater community participated in the event by designing and hanging flags that reflected interpretations of peace, justice, and hope.

The flags went up all around campus in the style of the Tibetan Prayer Flag tradition.

The Peace Flag Project is part of a global project to inspire peace and togetherness. The movement is predicated on imagining peace, understanding peace, creating peace and being peace.

The “Big Idea,” as the Project calls it, is that by emphasizing the good that people do every day as well as their hopes for peace, we help to fashion our own global identity—a better, more peaceful one.

In short: we make it real.

Respectfully submitted,

James Holbert

Video Courtesy of Bridgewater State U/ TVSBSC and /Eugene Santos