Ousamequin Woman’s Club of the Bridgewaters Hosted a Meeting on Personal Empowerment

Maria Wood of Fashion Focus spoke to the Ousamequin Woman’s Club  Ms Wood’s Fashion Focus works primarily with girls age 5 to 18, and provides a fun and supportive environment for girls to learn how to make positive first impressions, behave in a manner that is classy and courteous, and to stand up for themselves and the virtues in which they believe.

Maria Wood was introduced to the Ousamequin Club by her friend and mentor, Sharon Graves, who is our Club Treasurer. Club members went on to enjoy a generous spread of home-made refreshments before the meeting. Club Members  brought food items for the local food pantry.

Lastly,the Ousamequin Club Vice President Sandra Higgins inducted a new Club Member, Mrs. Darcy.

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Respectfully Submitted,
Adelene Ellenberg