Organic Gardening Tips

Keep up with weeding.  Use a hand cultivator for this.  Throw the weeds you pull on top of the straw in your garden pathways.  They should mostly decompose harmlessly.  It’s important to pull weeds before they go to seed and create many more weeds.

Any vegetable seeds planted 7 – 14 days ago should be coming up by now.  If germination is sparse, we can replant if done now.

If any vegetable plants put in are looking sickly or not growing vigorously, consider pulling them out and replacing.
Many vegetable seedlings need to be thinned about now.  Cucumbers, lettuce and carrots, for example.

If you are already growing cucumbers, lettuce, green beans, and sugar snap peas, consider planting more in the next week to 10 days to extend your harvest later into the season.  Beets and carrots can still be planted.
 Arthur Tucker, “Healthy EB” Community Garden