Organic Gardening Tips

Organic Gardening Tips

To all who have lettuce, pick your larger heads regularly, especially with the heat.

For cucumbers, start picking when they are smaller, like an Italian sausage. They are sweeter and less seedy this way. Also, this will encourage more blossoms and spread out the harvest time.

Try to avoid picking during the hot sunny part of the day, or when the plants are wet.

If you have or will soon have space, consider planting bush green beans, more cucumbers, and in about 2 weeks, sugar snap peas and lettuces.

Bring along a cooler bag or a cooler to store your goodies if you wont be able to refrigerate quickly.

Consider sharing/trading produce with your garden neighbors if you have enough.

Consider stetting up a compost area to dispose of weeds, spent plants, trimmings.

My tomatoes are starting to turn red and orange; yours can’t be too far behind!

I’ll be starting broccoli seeds for a fall crop. Home grown broccoli harvested in the fall is head and shoulders better than anything you’ll find in a store.

Arthur Tucker, “Healthy EB” Community Garden

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