New Jerusalem Church

The Elmwood Society of the New Jerusalem Church commenced February 1830. The church building, located on West Street, is dated 1854.
In 1883 a kitchen was added and in 1902 the old pews were changed to the present curved ones. Also, the plain windows with shutters were replaced with arched stained glass windows. Thus the exterior changed from a plain meeting house type of building to modified Lombard Romanesque.
At the rear of the church can be seen an addition which grew as a large hall was added. The large building in the background was the I. N. Keith and E. H. Lothrop Shoe Factory.
On December 12th, 2011, Elmwood New Church’s steeple, belfry and bell were brought to the ground. Sadly, the Church had to be closed, due to structural issues that made it unsafe for continued use.
Though the original New Jerusalem Church had to be demolished, a new building was erected in its place. It is better known as the Community Church in Elmwood.
Respectfully Submitted by: Eddy Murray with additional information from Betty Stirling
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