Molly is Home!

After being missing for 16 days, Molly the Golden Retriever was finally returned home.

She was spotted by Josh Reynolds in Easton, four miles from home! Once Missing Dogs Massachusetts (MDM) was contacted, they set a trap in the area that worked to perfection. There she was in the trap next morning!

Katie Christiansen said: “I can’t thank you all enough for everything you have all done to help bring Molly home!!”

Her thanks go out to those who helped search by foot and by car, who helped hang fliers, and who shared her missing dog posts on social media.

She thanks MDM too, “A very special thank you to all of the volunteers at Missing Dogs of Massachusetts, especially Lisa Vaillancourt, Danielle Gostanian, Debra Cahoon, Kim Linnea Campbell you are all amazing!!”

It’s good to be home!

Posted by Jim Matthew on Saturday, February 3, 2018

Story Courtesy of Katie Christiansen, Jim Matthew, and Missing Dogs Massachusetts.