Massachusetts Walking Tour Comes to Town

massachusetts walking tour

Yes, they walked from concert to concert, usually eight to thirteen miles!

These modern-day bards, who combine artistry, music and culture promote artistic diversity and positive uses for recreational land use, graced
EB’s Center at Sachem Rock on June 27.
Thanks to Randy Julius for bringing this free concert to town.
We were the 3rd to last concert, as they ended their trek at Kingston Bay.

 The group says “Thank you to our friends and family, to all the local artists and promoters, and to all our sponsors who helped make the 2015 Massachusetts Walking Tour the best year yet.
The Bay Circuit Trail has been “crushed,” and 13 community concerts given along the way.
It couldn’t have been possible without help from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, New England Mountain Outfitters (NEMO), the Bay Circuit Alliance, and Mr. Bill Condry.
Much love, Mandy, Mama Duck, Crusher, Spanky and Bubbles”


View the final song of their performance here.