We Advertise Local Small Businesses: 

A small business is an independently owned and operated company that is limited in size and employs less than 500 people.  (Source: Small Business Administration) For our purposes, local is defined as within 25 miles of the community you wish to target with advertising.
Non-profits wishing to advertise are not restricted by locality.

Buzz Around  Family Friendly content guidelines regarding advertising materials.

  • Inappropriate ad content for all Buzz Around websites and Emails 
    • Ads for “R” or “NC-17” rated movies and movies on DVD/Blu-ray
    • Ads for “TV14” or “TVMA” TV programming, or shows on DVD/Blu-ray
    • Ads for “M”, “AO” or “RP” rated video games
    • Creative that could frighten or upset young children or the parents of young children
    • Contraceptives
    • Tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, etc. )
    • Anything whose use includes smoking
    • Liquor (hard, beer & wine) ~ Pub advertisements for food or performers are welcome
    • Illicit drugs
    • Pornography and sex
    • Suggestive or revealing images
    • Potentially slanderous or libelous content
    • Bad language, proxies for bad language (X@#%!)
    • Politics (lobbyists, PAC sites, political campaigns)
    • Unsubstantiated or false claims
    • Misleading language
    • Graphic violence
    • Guns (firearms, bullets, etc.)
    • Any advertising content that violates applicable laws, rules or regulations
    • Content that is otherwise inappropriate for children
  • Ad content reviewed on a case-by-case basis:
    • PG-13 movies and T-rated games
    • Products with a “keep out of reach of children” label
    • OTC (over-the-counter) medication
    • Prescription drugs, vitamins, dietary supplements, and diet/weight-loss products
    • Caffeinated beverages
    • Unreasonable or highly unlikely product or service claims
  • Offers: Advertisers must fulfill the advertised offer as stated in the advertisement, including without limitation, not altering any offer periods, product offers or prices that are stated in the advertisement; unless Advertiser has obtained BuzzAround’s prior approval
  • Privacy: Where personal information is solicited within the Advertisement or on the Advertiser’s landing page:
    • Any collection of personal information must be in full compliance with all privacy laws, including COPPA where applicable.
    • Advertiser must clearly explain to the guest how Advertiser will use the personal information collected and provide an easily accessible and functional link proximately located at the point of data collection to the privacy policies of all entities that will have access to and/or process such data.