Learning about Democracy: The Bridgewater Summer Recreation Program Recently Learned a Little About Voting

In attendance: About 24 kids, 3 councilors, 1 Rec Director & the Music Alley sound technician, Curtis Markley, BTV filming by Carlton Hunt & Bridgewater Town Clerk, Marilee Kenney Hunt.

Three fictitious “parties” went with the ice cream theme. They were the Ice Cream Bar Party, the Ice Cream Sandwich Party and the Nutty Buddy (or Drumstick) Party.

When the kids registered to vote, they selected their party. We had one “unenrolled” voter since she didn’t like chocolate and everything contained chocolate.

After dividing into parties, each “convention” was given a song to learn and several kazoos or rhythm instruments. The councilors helped them learn the songs, both with words and to play on the kazoos. Here are the three songs:

Ice Cream Sandwich Song
(Tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
Ice cream sandwiches
Are the very best.
Vote for Ice Cream sandwiches,
Forget about the rest!

Ice Cream Bars Song
(Tune of This Old Man He Played One)
Ice Cream Bars
Are the best!
They taste better than the rest.
With one bite, two bites, three and four,
You’ll be shouting, “I want more!”

Nutty Buddy Song
(Tune of Yankee Doodle Went to Town)
Nutty Buddy is my choice
With nuts on top of ice cream.
For Nutty Buddy I will scream,
“I win!” Now that’s my best dream.

When they left their “convention,” they came back together in front of the stage and gave various speeches or sang their songs in concert to convince others to “vote” for their chosen treat.

They all voted and put their ballots in the ballot box. Then I went to the stage with three counters and a ballot box holder to help me sort the ballots. The tension mounted as it looked like Nutty Buddies were bound to win, then Ice Cream Sandwiches started its move. In the end, Nutty Buddies (the largest party to start) was the winner.

Campers, councilors, and all other attendees helped themselves to ice cream. Our one Unenrolled Voter (who disliked chocolate) had been won over to the Ice Cream Sandwich party after realizing that she could just peel off the “chocolate bread.” A good example of compromise.

Respectfully submitted, Marilee Kenney Hunt, Bridgewater Town Clerk