Jason Ross’s Beef Hawaiian Tacos

2nd place in our 2021 Harvest Garden Recipe Contest

This recipe was created by me one night, because I really like tacos, but I wanted something different but also with not too many ingredients. The grilled pineapple goes great on the tacos, and surprisingly pairs well with homemade tzatziki sauce.
The ingredients I used are ground beef (always locally sourced from a local farm), taco seasoning of choice (paprika, salt, pepper, and chili powder work good if you wanna do homemade), grilled red onion, grilled pepper, grilled pineapple

I coat the pineapple in cinnamon, it helps bring out the flavor, and then homemade tzatziki (basically plain Greek yogurt, fresh garden dill, pepper, and fresh lime juice). When cooking the beef, I mix the pineapple juice in with it. I grill the tortillas in the same pan I previously grilled the pineapples in, so they soak up a little of that pineapple flavor. In addition to the tzatziki, sriracha goes really well with these.