Jacquelyn Rose

 Jacquelyn  has modeled a life true to her inner compass,  remaining dedicated to her  Christian foundation by initiating  and lending her energy to activities which honestly show a love for neighbor.  This includes environmental stewardship as civilization depends on a healthy environment.

The 6th of 9 children of Rose and Ron Buck, spending formative years of the 1970’s in West Newton and North Easton, MA; Jacquelyn learned frugality and social activism.  Her parents both strong and inventive: her mother creative and spiritual; her father industrious and adventurous; Jacquelyn’s childhood was full of sparks and light, as she and her siblings tumbled through childhood.  Taking her mother’s name as a surname is a tribute to the fortitude Rose Eileen Freitas Buck exhibited throughout her lifetime.

Jacquelyn attributes her mother’s spiritual strength, her father’s interest in people, and the value they both put on education with giving her the tools to create and build the Buzz Around.

She holds a MA of Theology with a concentration in Inter-religious Leadership and Communication from Andover Newton Theological School and a BA English/ Communication Arts from Emmanuel College, Boston.  Jacquelyn obtained her theology degree as a result of her work with the Buzz Around.  After spending years connecting people and celebrating our civic communities she went back to school in search of answers. Being a person grounded in faith and understanding the place religious communities have had in creating social change (think ML King), Jacquelyn wanted to understand religion’s relationship to society. Jacquelyn found there IS a model for interfaith that does not compromise; in fact it enhances, a person’s belief structure. A person can stand squarely in their own beliefs AND be inquisitive, compassionate, and respectful toward another.   She is excited at the community building initiatives and possibilities that the Buzz Around fosters through it’s positive message, and anticipates a world where we greet each other with compassion, respect and love; regardless of culture, color or orientation.

As Buzz Around, LLC managing and founding partner,  Jacquelyn works toward sustainable bridge -building community empowerment through the sharing of good news. Any entrepreneur knows the gumption it takes.  Jacquelyn is extremely grateful to the many who have supported the Buzz Around  vision ~ especially in the fetus stages when it was a laptop in her front foyer using the wifi from the neighbors across the street; writing between loads of laundry, kitchen  duty and running her four boys around.

Other activities; Jacquelyn has served the EB Business Association for 8 years and is the current President. She is a Level 3 Reiki Practitioner,  a member of Union Congregational Church, EB and serves on the Board of Directors for Musical Philosophy, Inc &  HUGS, Inc. She has four grown sons, 2 granddaughters, a multitude of extended family and wakes up each morning to the unbounding love of Lilly the wonderdog.

Info on Jacquie’s energy healing practice