BuzzAround co-founder & Publisher Jacquelyn Rose is passionate about bridge-building community empowerment through the sharing of good news.

A creative thinker and analytic imaginer, Jacquelyn is the driving force behind the BuzzAround. Working collaboratively with businesses, non-profits, staff and readers, she envisions community building initiatives fosters them through fruition using the BuzzAround and the community’s  collective resources.  Jacquelyn envisions a society where we greet each other with compassion, respect and love; regardless of culture, color or orientation, and, in the BuzzAround, spotlights the spaces where we have succeeded and where there is growth.

For her adult life, (30 + years)  Jacquelyn managed her household of 4 for under $30,000a year. Living simply.

The BuzzAround is the product of the lessons learned as an:

  • mother
  • elder advocate
  • entrepreneur
  • sales person
  • special needs parent
  • reporter
  • Congregational and Catholic church member
  • environmentalist
  • reiki master
  • homeless shelter volunteer
  • business association member
  • civic committee volunteer
  • food pantry client
  • therapy participant
  • state and federal supported social assistance recipient
  • student of interfaith leadership
  • and as a woman

Jacquelyn holds a MA of Theology, concentration in Inter-religious Leadership and Communication from Andover Newton Theological School and a BA English/ Communication Arts from Emmanuel College, Boston.

The 6th of 9 children of Rose and Ron Buck, she spent formative years in West Newton and North Easton, MA; learning frugality and social activism.  Her parents both freaking brilliant, opinionated and inventive. Rose, a creative and spiritual second generation Portuguese Catholic with a nursing degree. Ron, an industrious and adventurous Yankee protestant raised farmer who, through the Navy GI Bill, earned his Masters as a Financial Analyst.

Jacquelyn’s childhood was full of sparks and light, fueled by the continuous creative adventure her siblings provided.  Taking her mother’s name as a surname is a tribute to the fortitude Rose Eileen Freitas Buck exhibited throughout her lifetime. Jacquelyn is grateful to both parents for raising her with feminist attitudes and believing in her.

She is immensely proud of her four grown sons, loves dearly her 2 granddaughters, and enjoys thoroughly her multitude of extended family.  And she wakes up each morning to the unbounding love of Lilly the wonderdog.

Info on Jacquie’s energy healing practice