Hometown Inspiration 2019

This past year I:
*was given 1st row tickets to that day’s NPR’s quiz show “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” by comedienne Helen Hong streetside in Chicago.
*sang “Wade in the Water” with Joe Jencks and a host of folk musicians as torrential downpours confined us to the merchandise tent at Fox Valley Folk Festival.
*swam with my granddaughters and dolphins in Pensacola and alligators in T allahassee.
*painted a fence and insulated an entry-way for a retired teacher on the Jersey Shore while working with 400 teenagers on a mission trip.
*danced the polka with my brother in Hershey Park
and hung with a snake charmer in Times Square.
And you know what?
None of these adventures inspired me as much as the stories we Buzz Around every day.
Stories of volunteers giving time and resources to help each other…
the EB Community Gardeners educating about healthy food growth and donating their abundance to food pantries.
WB’s Grace Church fundraising for local charities & creating community at their environmentally & socially responsible coffee shop.
Halifax’s Beautification Committee organizing clean-ups and educational events
Whitman Toy Drive providing for those that don’t have, no questions asked!
Raynham Pride Day, free family fun, to celebrate… just because!
And Bridgewater Citizens of Responsibility & Respect hosting events to help us understand each other better.
And that’s just a smattering. Our communities are active places of good. Buzzaround.Info shares those stories with you and empowers you to participate.
I am inspired and amazed daily.
Thank you all for doing what you do and giving me such great stories to share! ~ Jacquie