Hometown Inspiration 2020 & 21!

This past year we:
*painted rocks with inspirational sayings
*brought meals to our neighbors
* paid it forward waiting in the coffee line
* connected with old friends using new technology
*spent quality time with our children, living into our role as their primary teacher
*connected with nature, enjoyed walks and trees; forests and marshes
*learned about ourselves; focusing on what’s important to us.
We did all this while learning new ways to be in community; new ways to appreciate our neighbors; and new ways to have empathy.
And that’s just a smattering. Our communities are active places of good. Buzzaround.Info shares those stories with you and empowers you to participate.
I am inspired and amazed by you daily; and I look forward to hearing what you have in store for 2021!
Thank you for doing what you do and giving me such great stories to share! ~ Jacquie