Historical Tidbit: The Hurricane of 1938  

The early fall in New England is well-known as possible hurricane weather, but few were prepared for the terrible storm that hit this area on September 21, 1938. The action was vividly described the next day by a local newspaper reporter: “A terrifying hurricane swept the area for two hours Wednesday afternoon doing considerable damage. The winds, which at times reached a velocity estimated at close to 100 miles an hour, created an emergency that was quickly and efficiently handled. It is estimated that over 100 giant elms and other trees that line the streets of the town were uprooted as well as many trees on private property. Considerable property damage was done. It was not possible to obtain an accurate estimate last evening.”
Many homes all over the region were damaged. Power lines and telephone poles were down and roofs swept away from homes by the howling winds, leaving vacant gaps on houses and barns throughout the community.
Source: East Bridgewater Sequicentennial Book