Historical Tidbit: Members of First Halifax Girl Scout Troop

“Halifax Girl Scouts, members of Troop 1, are planning an active program for the winter season. Shown in the photo, from left to right, are: Priscilla Thompson, Eleanor Joslin, Mrs. Myra Thompson, assistant leader; Lorraine King, Edith Major, Virginia Whitman, Doreen Bosworth, Mrs. Elizabeth Joslin, leader; Estelle Eidler and Beverly Titus.” [Under newspaper photo of the girls.]
I believe this picture was taken in the mid 1940’s as my aunt, Doreen (Bosworth) Kiernan is one of the girls in the photo. She was born in 1930 and the girls in the photo look to be in their early teens.
“Early in May of 1942, fourteen girls gathered at the home of Mrs. Myra Thompson to organize a Girl Scout Troop. The troop was registered June 14, with Mrs. Elizabeth Joslin, leader, and Mrs. Myra Thompson, assistant leader, and on the evening of July 26, in the presence of relatives and friends, the girls and leaders took part in the investiture exercises on the Town Hall lawn.”
The girls were very active with a sightseeing trip to Plymouth and a cookout at Richmond Park. During the summer months they held a bake sale to earn money, had swimming lessons and each girl had put in 10 hours making Red Cross surgical dressings, completing 1,915 dressings. They also made scrapbooks for children in the hospitals. Before the year ended, they took the Red Cross Junior fist aid course with Laurence W. Grover as instructor and cooking lessons under the direction of Mrs. Oscar Gassett.
There have been no records found of this first Girl Scout Troop other then the article from the newspaper I have. The Halifax Historical Society is always looking for any information pertaining to the town, be it from the past or present. If any reader has any information or photos they wish to share please contact me as I would like to have copies of the material for the Museum.
Respectfully Submitted, Sue Basile   sue and her plant 2011