Historical Tidbit: In Appreciation of Lillie B. Merrill

“In 1966, an appreciation dinner was held for Lillie B. Merrill, who was referred to in the program as “Raynham’s gracious lady.” She and her husband and their two children had moved to Raynham in 1925. She was elected to the offices of Town Clerk and Town Treasurer in 1928 by 58 ballots. She served these offices until March 1966. Until the town office building was constructed in 1957, she made her home her office. She was also the town accountant and a Justice of the Peace. In her years of office, she recorded 1299 marriages and 2171 births. Everyone in Raynham knew her, and now what used to be the Pleasant Street School bears the name of Lillie B. Merrill.”
From: The History of Raynham ~ Patrice White