Health & Wellness Symposium Workshops

FREE Health & Wellness Symposium Workshops

Sunday, April 3, 2016, Noon – 4 pm

Featured Speakers:
Mike & Arielle Ruggiero ~ Getting Started For a New You at 12:30pm
Lisa Evans ~ Hypnotist at 1:45pm
Noelle Armstrong ~ Holistic & Realistic at 3:15pm
YMCA’s Helen Byrne ~ Enhanced Fitness at 3:15pm
Author Julie Ann Gerstel ~ Living Happy at 12:15pm
Rachelle Croteau ~ Reflexology For Everyone at 1:00pm
Stephanie Woods ~ Singing Bowls of the Himalayas Meditation at 1:45pm

Healing Hearts Holistically ~ New Research of Relationship of Stress & Cholesterol at 2:30pm

Plus 20 tables with health & wellness products & professionals & free massages
You are going to LOVE this afternoon!