Halifax Elementary’s Super Fun Fun Run

Halifax Elementary School held their big Fun Run last Wednesday. It was a huge success–and there was no shortage of fun either!

The fundraiser will pay for major upgrades to the school playground. The money came from residents, friends, families, and local businesses. All in all, about $29K was raised, almost $10K over the original goal.

In the weeks and days prior to the run, students gathered sponsors. One student named Aaron was even able to reach out via Facebook and by creating a super convenient boosterathon page to give some visibility to the project. I spoke with Kimberly King, Aaron’s mother, who said she was very proud of her son. His class, one of the three top fundraising classes, were incentivized with a special reward: the opportunity to see their teachers pie Gametime Grant, an organizer at funrun.org. And that, certainly was a fun treat!

King was quick to praise everyone involved in the benefit:”Halifax has two of the best principles there are,” King said of them. “They really encouraged the kids, every step of the way.”

“It was the entire school body and the staff who were part of it, the families and the PTO” King says. “We really do have a fantastic community, it’s amazing. It was a wonderful, modern fundraiser.”

The students will get a better playground because of everyone’s combined efforts.

In addition, Principle Kayne Beaudry and Assistant Principle Brian Desantes wanted to instill in the kids important life skills.

“This is a great opportunity to fundraise but also to teach the children about character education,” Desantes said. “Words like focus, respect, self-awareness, trustworthiness, creativity, and how to become lifelong learners.”

Great things are done when everyone works together!

Assistant Principle Brian DeSantes cheering on students












Respectfully Submitted,
James Holbert
Images Courtesy of Kimberly King