Halifax Congregational Church Cranes

The Halifax Congregational Church has been sponsoring an Origami Crane Project for the past several months. A prayer project, the goal is to hang 1000 origami cranes, each with a prayer, a name, a situation, or anything else someone wants to lift up in prayer written on it. The cranes, of various colors and prints, are hung in the Sanctuary. Traditionally, it was believed that if one folded 1000 origami cranes, one’s wish would come true. During challenging times, the crane has also become a symbol of love, honor, peace, hope, and healing.
This project was initiated and has been coordinated by Janice Campbell who also does the folding and hanging of the cranes, assisted by other volunteers. The cranes will be up for the next several months.
All are welcome to participate in this project. Origami paper is provided so participants simply write their prayer and place the paper, unfolded, into the box provided. It will then be folded into a crane and hung with the others. Papers are available at the church every Sunday and at all events sponsored by the church.
For more information, contact the Halifax Congregational Church at 781-293-6393, or text Janice Campbell at 339-933-0387.