Gestures of kindness

Story Shared by: Julie Gerstel,  East Bridgewater, MA, this time last year…..


I was driving through the Dunkin‘ Donuts with hat and gloves on. I was on my way to work as I am considered essential, although I like to think we are all essential. I also work part-time at my own global company called “Living Happy” helping people in challenging times. As I was sitting there, I was thinking how lucky I was to live in a community where there is still drive-thru for people working. I thought of the first responders who put themselves on the line everyday to help others get through the day. Heroes. I looked in front of me and my eye caught a familiar, warm eye that I have seen before. I didn’t think much of it and went to the drive thru window and the Male Cashier stated “the man in front of you took care of it.” I said “I knew that was Peter Spagone!” I shook my head smiling. I paid for the man behind me which ended up to have a relatively large order. I again shook my head going back to Peter, thinking “what a great guy”. I reached out to Peter to thank him and he stated he does this every Friday. Class act. I was just lucky enough to be behind him this time and not because of the free food but because of the free smile. Peter started the chain of smiles in difficult times. It just takes one act of kindness. One smile. One wave. One gesture of kindness. That act of kindness can go the longest way. Imagine if we all did that? What a world this would be. Well, COVID-19 couldn’t stop Peter that day and it didn’t. Let’s use these examples to shape the way we are as humans to become stronger and better as people. We got this.