FULLER CRAFT MUSEUM PRESENTS Playa Made: The Jewelry of Burning Man

Playa Made:  The Jewelry of Burning Man
February 11, 2017 – June 4, 2017
Reception:  Saturday, February 11, 2017 from, 2:00 – 5:00 pm with Gallery Talk and Panel

Fuller Craft will host an opening reception to celebrate both Playa Made:  The Jewelry of Burning Man and John Bisbee: Material Obsession.

At 2:00 pm, John Bisbee will give a gallery talk.  At 3:00 pm, join us for a panel discussion “Makers’ Paradise: Exploring Burning Man Jewelry” including Karen Christians, Christine Kristen, George Post, and Sumner Silverman.  There will be a book signing with Karen Christians and George Post.  The reception will feature art cars by Howard Davis and other “burners,” as well as a mini-man designed by Doug Ruska.  The reception is included with admission fee. Panel: $7 ($15 Nonmembers)

Adornment, memento – both words seem too small to capture the powerful resonance of an experience that is intensely personal and yet shared abundantly with 70,000 strangers. However, the jewelry does capture this experience, and that is the marvel of Playa Made:  The Jewelry of Burning Man, Fuller Craft Museum’s newest exhibition.  This is the very first jewelry exhibition to celebrate the meaningful objects and makers that not only commemorate the Burning Man festival, but also objectify its ethos (creativity, interactivity, radical self expression, collaboration, meaningful connection). The exhibition was sparked by the publication of Karen Christians and Christine Kristen’s book “Jewelry of Burning Man.”

The creative and communal spirit, as well as the symbols of Burning Man, are finely crafted into countless jeweled rings, pressed glass coins, lakebed-clay charms, inlaid wood pendants, intricate necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry – all given freely during the festival without the expectation of compensation.  This practice is accordance with the second of Burning Man’s Ten Principles-Gifting.  The exhibition includes about 175 pieces and about 57 artists.  The materials used in the creation of the jewelry range from the precious metals and stones used by Amber Marie Bently and Ken Kushner, to the stamped hard drive of Steve Curl and Leo Villareal’s LED lights, to black basalt rock and the very earth of the playa.  The exhibition will include marvelous photos by George Post that capture the spirit of Burning Man.

Populism and Art
Art-making is an integral part of Burning Man.  Over the past 31 years, Black Rock City has become the world’s largest outdoor art gallery, featuring hundreds of installations scattered across the playa.  The no-holds-barred event attracts artists and makers from around the world, many of whom spend the bulk of their year developing work bound for Burning Man.  Reflecting a theme set each year by founder Larry Harvey, the art is a vital part of the event, and it is everywhere – on the open playa, in the camping areas, in the Center Café, along the trash fence that marks the boundaries of the city, in the small participant-run airport, along the entrance road, in the air, and around the Burning Man effigy itself.