Faith and Pistons

When Bob Cogan’s Uncle Chuck passed away, it gave him the incentive to pause. Chuck had been an inspiration to Bob, giving desperately needed time and attention to him as a young man.  The loss moved Bob to imagine how he could do what his uncle had done for him.

With much prayer, Bob imagined a place where at risk young adults could work on cars with mentors.  They could learn skills, get mechanic certification and have their minds and souls ministered to.

It seemed like an overwhelming idea to him, so he prayed for two things: help and money.  In a matter of months, Bob had a Board of Directors who were as enthusiastic as he was, and  folks had donated cars they could sell to make a nest egg.  That was in 2014.

In the past 3 years,  they have overhauled and given away 4 cars to needy folks, and have also provided “close to 50 brake jobs.” according to Bob. Bob beams with pride when he talks about the teens they have mentored. “We’ve had probably close to 20 kids come through the program. The current age range is 14 to 16, but we will look at anyone who shows an interest.”  “If anyone knows of a struggling teen who is interested in cars, please let us know. ”

The idea is to reach at-risk young adults, and so the program needs to be entirely funded by donations and grants. There is no cost to the program.

The donation of old cars is the most useful. Faith & Pistons will either train on the car, fixing them and giving to a needy person; or they will junk the car and use the cash as a donation.

Best way to contact: message through Facebook