Emily Williams: New Bridgewater Elder Affairs Director

For the first time in 24 years the Cole-Yeaton Senior Center will have a new director as it wishes a happy retirement to the long-time face of the Council on Aging, Lorraine Carrozza. Her time, service, and vast dedication to the senior population of Bridgewater has been noticeable and appreciated by all. On August 23rd, the town council and many others celebrated her service and Town Councilor Dennis Gallagher presented Lorraine with a proclamation on behalf of the Bridgewater council.
With that, we are excited to welcome the new director of Elder Affairs, Emily Williams. Her excitement about taking on this role is infectious and her compassion and dedication was palpable over the phone. Emily’s background consists of a Masters in Gerontology and an Undergraduate Degree in Health Administration and is bolstered by fifteen years of community, public, and government relations experience.
“Bridgewater runs on volunteers,” Williams said, likely coining a slogan Bridgewater should be proud of. She wants the community to know that the Senior Center has a little bit for everyone, and her hope is to add even more as director. Every Friday until November 15th, residents will have the opportunity to meet with Emily between the hours of 10-11 am. Her hope is that people will show up to express both positive input as well as ways the Cole-Yeaton Senior Center can better serve residents.
Emily Williams already has some notable goals as the new director. In the long term, she wants to guide Bridgewater in a town-wide effort to be age-friendly, a designation that is bestowed by the World Health Organization. In the short-term, Williams and staff will be committing time to community outreach to educate on the various resources available to senior residents, possibly open a satellite location at the public library, and, this year into next, completing a Community Needs Assessment to better understand the needs and expectations of the community she’s passionate about.
Story Credit: Christina Montana
Photo provided by Bridgewater Council On Aging
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