Easter Children’s Reads ~ Paul Engle, Director, Brockton Public Library

Books (Juvenile) to Read for Easter Celebration
Paul Engle, Director of Brockton Public Library

Happy Easter to you. I’d like to bring you a list of children’s books compiled by Emanuel De Pina. Emanuel works at the branches of the Brockton Public Library. And because Emanuel created a list of e-books, you can read with your little ones during these stressful times without leaving your house. If you need help getting them, or getting an e-card go to on the left side of the page the link brings you to, below the photos, there are instructions for getting an e-card.

Okay, I will add one piece of music. For me, there is one piece I absolutely have to hear every April, Johann Sebastian Bach’s Easter Oratorio.

Stay safe, and stay healthy out there, wear a mask when you are outside. ~ Paul

Easter Reads

Title:The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story :EBOOK

by Jan Berenstain

Title: Click, Clack, Peep! Click, Clack, Moo : AUDIOBOOK

by Doreen Cronin

Your Buzz Around is excited to offer this exclusive column with Paul Engle, Director of Brockton Public Library. Prior to Brockton, Paul was the Director of Library Services at Berklee College of Music. An accomplished professional musician as well as librarian, Paul brings to the Brockton Area a unique view on library services; he is “passionate about diverse cultures sharing ideas, free and open access to information, libraries as a space for sharing artistic, scientific and cultural ideas, and promoting life-long learning skills.” 

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