Device-Free Dinners

By Anna Bregoli, an intern with South Shore Hospital’s Youth Health Connection posted this link:

Smartphones are a huge part of our daily lives.  Although they can quickly and easily provide us with resources to help get through our busy schedules, there are times when Smartphones are not necessary.  Not only are they unnecessary, but they can be harmful to developing children and teens who need substantial face-to face interaction.  One place we must learn to put down the cell phones and tablets is at the dinner table.  It is hard enough to find a time in everyone’s schedule to even sit down for dinner each night.  When you do, it’s important to make the most of it by communicating about what is going on in our individual lives.  Research shows that participating in family dinner can lead to:

* Better nutrition * Better academic performance
*Fewer behavioral problems * Lower risk of substance abuse

Parents admit that the use of devices at the dinner table leaves them feeling disconnected from their family.  Don’t let the use of a cell phone hurt your family bonding time.  Here is a fun way to encourage device-free holiday dinners:
 A challenge!