Bridgewater’s From Light To Life

Gallery Display: “From Light to Life”

Our Bridgewater Public Library is currently displaying a gorgeous collection of art in its Flora T. Little Gallery. Robert Weinstein, a painter of four decades, is the artist.

The theme is entitled “From Light to Life” where movement is Weinstein’s point artistic emphasis. Originally from New York, Weinstein recognized a kind of intangible energy issuing from urban city life. “From there,” he said, “I noticed that energy was in everything.”

If you visit the gallery you will notice swatches of strokes, layered and each unique, across the canvas. Frequently there are supplementary knife scrapings, a detail which Weinstein explains to be internal fracturing, energy within energy.

The paintings are of landscapes, bays, shorelines, the sun fighting through dense fogline. Weinstein, in the Meet and Greet on October 18, talked about his process.

“You have to experience the environment firsthand,” he said.

That’s the first step, to observe. Next, he usually photographs what is to be the painting’s subject. An interpretation is formed, and it is only then that the painting can start.

There’s still time to view Weinstein’s work at the Bridgewater Public Library! Be sure to visit, his art will continue to be displayed throughout October and November.

Respectfully submitted,
James Holbert

Artist Robert Weinstein beside his painting “The Sentinel”