Borrowing Home

Baseball season may be short, but the fun is long-lasting and rewarding. Especially for those who have host Brockton Rox players in their home, like Raynham’s Karen Emery.
Karen originally heard about the program on Facebook, and signed up right away thinking it would be a great idea. She has been hosting the players in her home for the past five years. She told me that all of the students who she has hosted have been an absolute pleasure, with nice manners and open appreciation. One of the greatest benefits of having them around is their appreciation for her cooking.
“There was never a need to put away leftovers. Sometimes they appreciate my cooking more than my family does!”
While it is not required that the host families feed the players, she and others usually do.
The typical experience is very simple. The volunteer host families will usually have one or two of the college baseball players. Students stay in their home for the short summer season, most of which they will be practicing or playing baseball.
“They don’t need much,” Karen said. “just a bed and some towels.” “I trust them like I would trust my kids, they are humble and respectful.”
Each member of the immediate family receives free season tickets to all Rox home games, discount off of any Rox apparel, cash stipend per household per player and the Rox hosts a family appreciation night at the end of the season.
Karen’s personal favorite part of hosting was spending a day off with the players. She gets to show them around by visiting the beach, Martha’s vineyard, Nantucket, or going to a Red Sox game. Through this, the Brockton Rox players are able to bond with their host families as though they are one big family.
Before volunteering her home, Karen didn’t know a thing thing about baseball. Now she will even follow the team’s progress through the season and go to games to cheer them on as though they were her own children.
Of course, the saddest part is seeing them go. But the treasured memories carry onward everyone does their best to keep in touch with their host families.
Respectfully Submitted,
Emi Demko
Images Courtesy of Karen Emery
If you are interested in hosting next year, check out the Rox info page: