Big news from the Friends of HOPS! (Halifax Open Play Space)

They’re excited to report the process of building our new playground will soon be starting!

They are eyeing an early spring build.
In order to make sure they’re ready to roll the town will soon be razing the current site… taking everything down… and prepping things as best as they can… so that they can get a jump on the build as soon as the winter weather leaves.
They know many folks still use what’s left of HOPS… so they’ve stayed committed to delaying the demo as long as possible to allow people time to enjoy what’s there and still leave time to raze it before the snow falls.
Expected demolition is mid-November… when the Fall sports season comes to an end.
From all of the Friends of HOPS: a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made the journey with them. You’ve all answered the call countless times. And because of that they’ve raised nearly $220,000… a great number for our little town… but our goal has always been $250,000. And it still is. Keep an eye out for their buy-a-brick fundraiser as they try to take their final steps to success.
The finish line is in sight! Here’s to HOPS 2.0!
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